About us

Anita & Annabel

We’ve been friends since 2013, and when we came together to develop the idea of Jones Organic Tea back in 2018, it was a true labour of love for both of us. When we launched the company on July 8, 2019, it was genuinely a dream come true.

Growing up in England, Annabel lived the English tradition of enjoying a daily cup (or three!) of tea with friends and family. Raised nearly 6,000 miles away on the beaches of southern California, Anita came to love tea as a teenager (her parents were coffee people, but we don’t judge).

Whether traveling the world or nesting at home, we embrace our daily tea rituals. We both understand how the flavour, fragrance, and taste of a generous cup of tea can calm, restore, comfort, and inspire.

Our teas

Jones Organic Tea began with a conversation between friends in 2018. Today, Anita and Annabel work with a team of master blenders to create a line of lush, bespoke organic blends that celebrate their love of tea.

Our selection is made up of premium loose-leaf teas and all-natural tisanes, with no artificial flavours or sweeteners. All our products are either USDA Certified Organic or meet or exceed organic certification standards for Japan and the European Union. Our tea is gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher, and is blended and packed in a facility that does not process nuts, soy, or gluten products.

Each blend is specially handcrafted and flavoured only with 100% natural extracts—we never use chemical or artificial taste enhancers in any of our products. We don’t want to sip processed flavourings, and we don’t want you to, either!

We're committed to bringing you ethically sourced teas from growers in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. We only work with sustainable growers who provide fair wages and a safe, healthy work environment for their employees.

Our inspiration

 At the very foundation of Jones Organic Tea is Annabel’s father, David Jones. Growing up in post-war Britain, David and his family gathered around the teapot daily in his native Manchester. Wherever life took him, from his family home to the horse stables or the stage and screen, David always held his native English culture and his family's traditions close to his heart. For David, taking time to enjoy a cup of tea with loved ones was his way of connecting and nurturing―a consistent, calm oasis in a busy life.

Jones Organic Tea is a woman-owned gourmet tea brand specializing in lush, fragrant blends that bring together the traditional English tea culture and the casual American lifestyle. Launched in 2019 by artist Annabel Jones and writer Anita Williams Weinberg, Jones Organic Tea is the embodiment of their mutual delight in a lovely strong brew.